08 May 2012

Web Series Never Fade Away Pilot Review!

What if your whole existence had been wiped away from the memories of those you loved and cared about? What if you still remembered those relationships? Never Fade Away a brand new web series by writer Jordan Ross and producers Jo and Matt Fahey examines just that.

The series star's Devon Werkheiser (Best known for his role as Ned Parker in the Nick tv series Ned's Declassified School Survival guide and Peter Parkes in Greek) as Cassidy Warren, a young man who wakes up not remembering much about the night before, he's got a gash on his forehead and is trying to clean it up as his girlfriend Madison (Played by Molly McCook who filmed a few episodes as Margot on Bold and the Beautiful ) comes in and ask who he is. Cassidy stunned that Madison doesn't remember him, and Madison is freaked out that there is a man in her apartment.

The episode goes on and we see Cassidy begin to remember via flashbacks a few of the events that had transpired prior to his awakening, but there is still a lot of pieces to the puzzle missing, so he has a girl he met drive him to his brothers house, only upon his arrival his brother states that he has no siblings. So what does this mean for Cassidy? We will just have to keep tuning in to find out.

The series also stars former Days of our Lives star Taylor Spreitler, and critically and fan acclaimed General Hospital star Drew Garrett .

Overall I really enjoyed the pilot, I defiantly wish the pilot had been longer, I think we could have explored a bit more and had a bit more confusion and inner conflict coming from Cassidy but given the nature of the 'web medium' (*Rolls eyes*) they did what they had to do and created an interesting and intriguing product.

I will definitely be staying tuned to see what happens next when the second episode of Never Fade Away premieres hopefully soon.

What did you think of Never Fade Away? Are you interested in seeing the series kick off? What did you think of the acting? Are you ready to see Drew Garrett return to your screen? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter @Soapwikijohn


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  4. Firstly just need to say that Devon's character from Ned's Declassified is called Ned Bigby, not Ned Parker (you probably got the Parker from Drake & Josh), you also spelled "definitely" wrong and I want to comment on the sound editing of Never Fade Away- at some points, good, other points, not so good. It gets even better in the second episode where at one point you can actually hear a blip where the music cuts off, and you can hardly hear the dialog over the background noise.
    Speaking of background noise, in the first episode there's a scene where Madison and her friend are talking about what Madison had just encountered, and the song that's playing over that is way too loud. I could hardly make out what the dialog was.
    I realise someone's going to probably hate this comment but hey, nothing can be perfect. The overall story is great, the camera work is okay but the sound editing- they need to get someone who knows what they are doing.

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