08 May 2012

Web Series Never Fade Away Pilot Review!

What if your whole existence had been wiped away from the memories of those you loved and cared about? What if you still remembered those relationships? Never Fade Away a brand new web series by writer Jordan Ross and producers Jo and Matt Fahey examines just that.

29 April 2012

Emmerdale's Grace Cassidy (Hannah Barton) Quits Soap!

After three years, actress Grace Cassidy has decided that she's had enough of her role in Emmerdale playing Hannah Barton and has quit the iTV soap.

While I don't think I will really miss Cassidy's portrayal of Hannah, I wish her the best of luck in her future endevors!

What do you think of the dismantling of the Barton family? Are you sad to see them all go? Or are you happy? I have to admit that I am glad that the last two standing are Moria and Adam! Let me know your take in the comments below.

28 April 2012

Y&R Spoiler: Victor and Sharon To Sleep Together!

Oh just shoot me now. It's been confirmed by multiple sources that The Young and The Restless is going to take the pairing of Victor and Sharon to a new level, reuniting the couple and eventually moving them into the bedroom and doing the do.....

Just why? Why does Maria Arena Bell hate me so? What did I do? LML didn't like me much, but I'd take Victoria getting boinked on the head with a cardboard brick over this foolishness any day! Or heck go full on with Victor/Genoveve! I'd take it! Victor and Laura Spencer is less skeevy then this! It's just wrong....

But hey that's just my take, what do you think of this news? Let me know in the comments below.

27 April 2012

EastEnder's Jamie Foreman's Given A 6 Month Contract Extension!

I hope you all like yourselves some Derek Branning because EastEnders has extended actor Jamie Foreman's contract for an additional six months! This means Foreman will continue to film with the series until October, at which point his contract will either be extended or his character will be written out.

Are you excited or disappointed by this news? Let me know in the comments below.

Dallas's Brenda Strong Named People Magazine's 52nd Most Beautiful Women!

Congratulations to Brenda Strong from the new Dallas series on TNT who was just named #52 of People's Magazine's Most Beautiful Women! WAY TO GO!

Check out the new issue of People Magazine available on newsstands now.

Days Of Our Lives May Sweeps Promo

Looks like the fab 4 + Rafe & Carrie are fighting for their life as a bomb is set to go off this week on Days Of Our Lives

What did you think of that promo? I kinda shook my head at some of the questionable acting there by a certain fired starlet but hey that's just me. 

TNT Releases New Promo For Dallas!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haw y'all! In 47 days we will be back in Dallas! As the NEW series premieres on June 13th 2012! To get us hyped up for the event TNT has put out a new promo! Check it out above and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Home and Away's Lynne McGranger 'This Morning' Interview

Home and Away star Lynne McGranger stopped over by iTV's This Morning for an interview! Check it out above!

General Hospital's Feclia Trended In USA!

After making her triumphant return to General Hospital Kristina Wagner's character Felicia Jones immediately began to trend as the social networking website Twitter went a buzz with news, theories and discussions of what her arrival will mean for the show!

Genearl Hospital Shocker? Maxie Saw Matt Kill Lisa!

General Hospital executive producer Frank Valentini spent the day a twittering about a "BIG" surprise coming on today's episode of General Hospital and it all lead up to the final moment of the episode in which in an arguably lack luster scene Maxie admitted to Spinelli that she saw Matt KILL Lisa Niles!

Um yea... so I definitely saw this twist coming a mile away, but I kinda got swept up in the "Shocking twist" promotion that Frank was doing and assumed that the final act might have included a twist surprise by Frisco Jones (aka Jack Wagner) for just a quick drop in! Now THAT would have been shocking and amazing, but this...not so much.

What did you think of the twist? Were you shocked? Let me know in the comments below.

Emmerdale's Maxwell Caulfield Cast in Web Soap DeVanity!

As season 3 of the hit web series DeVanity goes into production, the series has announced that former Dynasty and Emmerdale star Maxwell Caulfield has been cast in the role of Richard DeVanity!

I absolutely adored Caulfield's portrayal of the evil bigamist Mark Wyle on Emmerdale and was saddened when I heard that he was going to be leaving the program and the series choice to kill him off (Home Farm hasn't been the same without him!) but Caulfield was an amazing actor and I am sure that he will do a brilliant job on DeVanity and definately be another reason to tune into this show week after week!

What do you think of this casting news? Does Caulfield fit what you have in mind for someone of Richard DeVanity's standards? Let me know in the comments below.

Sebastian Roche Books Return To Criminal Minds!

Great news for fans of the CBS drama Criminal Minds. Soaps in depth is reporting that former General Hospital star Sebastian Roche has booked a return as the Interpol agent Clyde Easter in the series explosive two hour season finale!

While I haven't caught Criminal Minds just yet, it is definitely on my list of shows to catch at some time and I am super excited for Roche and wish him the best of luck!

The two hour season finale airs at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CST on Wednesday, May 16,  only on CBS.

Felicia Jones Returns To General Hospital Today!

Since 2008 Fans have been clamoring for Kristina Wagner to return to General Hospital in the role of Felicia Jones, and today they get their wish as the fan favorite returns to Port Charles to shake things up!

Now the only question is can her husband Frisco (played by Jack Wagner) be far behind her? I guess we will just have to tune in to find out.

Patsy Palmer's (Bianca's) Last EastEnders Episode For 6 Months Airs Today!

EastEnders star Patsy Palmer last EastEnders episode for 6 months will be airing today (April 27th)! The actress is taking a 6 month sybatical to be with her kids, and will hopefully return to the soap later this year.

Are you sad to see her go? Do you want her to come back? let me know in the comments below.

26 April 2012

Notes From The Heart Healer Trailer

The Hallmark channel has released a new promo for General Hospital/Young and the restless star Genie Francis new "The Note" sequel "Notes From The Heart Healer"

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited to see the film?

Days Of Our Lives John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers First Month Long Absence Since 2008!

After having been the focus and one of the few bright spots during a very dark period of Days of our lives actors John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers who portray Victor and Maggie Kiriakis were not seen at ALL the entire month of April! This is the first time either actor has been absent from Days since 2008!

Why is this? Why did the network / the new regime not take to "Magic" like the fans had? I guess only time will show what the future has in store for this couple, but it is sad to see that the actors were not used at all, and thus breaking a streak that no one wanted to see broken.

Are you missing Magic? Why do you think the regime didn't take to these vets like it took to others? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter @SoapWikiJohn

Check Out The Trailer For Trevor St. John's "In The Family"

Hey guys! So I stumbled across this trailer for Trevor St. John indie film In The Family and had to share it! See if you can spot a former fellow One Life To Live co-star at around the thirty second mark!

Has anyone seen the film yet? What did you think? So far it hasn't come near me just yet, but when it get's released on DVD I will definitely check it out.

ABC Twitter Accident: Pimping The Chew Via General Hospital

Whoops! Someone over at ABC used the General Hospital twitter account to tweet out a "winning" sandwich with a link to the All My Children replacement The Chew's page! The tweet has since been deleted. I just find it funny that it happened this way... wonder if the chew will ever pimp GH?

Charles Shaughnessy Books Nickelodeon Victorious Guest Stint!

Great news for fans of Charles Shaughnessy the former Days of our Lives star has booked himself a two episode guest stint on the hit Nickelodeon series Victorious!

We here on the island wish Mr. Shaughnessy the best of luck with this and hope he returns to Salem soon!- Shaughnessy is scheduled to make 12 appearances in Days of our Lives starting next month.

Aaron Lustig Returns To The Young and The Restless

Going back through the Young and the Restless history book headwriter Maria Arena Bell came across the name Tim Reid so of course in typical MAB fashion she just HAD to bring him back! So we now have the news that actor Aaron Lustig will be returning to the soap world (and for the first time on Y&R since 1997) for a short guest stint as the evil Ricky tries to dig up some dirt on Miss Phylis

Are you excited about this news?

25 April 2012

Pretty Little Liar's Star Grab's Days Guest Stint

Pretty Little Liars star Brant Daugherty has secured himself a guest stint on the NBC soap Days of our Lives where he will be involved in the Will/Sonny (WilSon) story.

Do you wanna see Daugherty get between the pair? Maybe help them actually get together?

Daugherty is expected to begin airing in late June.

Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon Film Final Days Of Our Lives Scenes

Well knowing the news was coming doesn't make this post any easier to type. Days of our Lives actors Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon who play Carrie and Austen Reed respectfully have filmed their final scenes on Days of our Lives after returning to the program this past September.

While I wasn't an over the top fan of the stories and directions that they decided to take the characters in, Muldoon and Clark's performances were stellar and they will definitely be missed, hopefully this will not be the last time we see Carrie and Austen in town, but for now it's adios.

How do you think the pair will exit? Will they find their way back together? Will someone/both die? Let me hear your speculation in the comments below or on twitter @SoapWikiJohn

The Bold And The Beautiful Where It All Began Box 5 Announced!

Great news for fans of The Bold and the Beautiful after the success of the first for box sets (which included episode 1-100) the fifth box set collection containing episode 101-125 has been announced!

The box set similar to the first four will include both English and German audio and will be released on July 13th 2012!

Are you excited to see the set get released? Will you be purchasing it? Let me know in the comments below.

Guiding Light From 1979 Coming To DVD In Germany!

Fans of Guiding Light have been clamoring for old episodes since the soaps cancellation in 2009, now thanks in part to Soap Classic we are getting the entire series from 1979 released on DVD! The only down side is the sets are currently only available in Germany!

Die Springfield Story (Aka The Guiding Light) Where it all began (Wie alles begann) season 1 (staffel 1) aka 1979- will be released on June 22nd and will include both German and English audio! While I have not placed my order just yet I have to say I am very tempted! Are you?

23 April 2012

Did Days Of Our Lives Find It's Eric Brady?

It comes as no real surprise to say that Days Of Our Lives is looking for an actor to fill the void Jensen Ackles left behind with the role of Eric Brady being off camera for years. Various actors have tested for the role but always in the end last minute rewrites have changed the course. Now once again I have heard Days is looking for an Eric Brady this time in the form of "Drew", and might have just found one in the form of unknown actor Carson Underwood.

Will Underwood get or take the part? We will have to wait and see as he is also up for the role of the Red Power Ranger in the upcoming 2013 series!

The role of "Drew" is described by Soap Opera Digest to be "A 30-to-35-year-old well-built, Caucasian male. "Drew is the ideal man in every way," reads the breakdown for the part. "From his incredible good looks, to his sincerity, integrity and strength. He is the total package. He is smart and caring and has a way about him that puts anyone at ease. But behind his perfect facade may lie a pain that drives him to do anything to forget his past." 

What do you think of this news? Do you think Underwood would make a good Eric Brady? Better yet do you think "Drew" Is Eric? Let me know your take in the comments below.

12 April 2012

DeVanity Season 2 Episode 8 Season Finale Recap and Reactions

So oops? LOL The long awaited and highly anticipated recap and reaction to the Devanity season finale is FINALLY here!

WebSeries Review: GenericGirl Pilot

Hey guys! So I know we haven't really been active around the blog, mainly because a deadly combination of school and work has kept me BEYOND busy, and tonight really isn't an exception to that business but rather I just felt like blogging a bit and catching up on some web series work that I have kinda been neglecting, so get ready for a WebSeries marathon because that's where I am heading now starting with the JTS.TV series Generic Girl.

26 March 2012

General Hospital: Robin Is ALIVE!

It's the moment fans were clamoring for- as Robin Scorpio was revealed to be ALIVE! It's all been leading to this- an unforgettable umbrella story that will tie the fabric of the show together, while changing Port Charles forever.

As far as stories goes...I am disappointed that Robin is ALIVE from a "I am SICK OF Back from the DEADS" point of view, but there is real story potential here and I am glad they are exploring it.

What did you guys think of this twist? Let me know in the comments below

20 March 2012

Kassie DePaiva Say's No Plans To Return To General Hospital!

Well that wasn't what I wanted to hear! The lovely and talented Kassie DePaiva has announced on twitter into a fan's question of when she will be returning, that there are no plans for her to return to General Hospital!

WHY there are no plans is BEYOND me, and goes against a few other things that I heard were in the works...hopefully they can get a deal done and we can have Blair back on my tv screen fighting after her TAWD....

What did you think of this news? Let me know in the comments below.

A Moment Of Silence For RavenBeauty

We here on the island would like to just take a moment of silence for the amazing soap spoiler queen RavenBeauty who announced that her doctors told her that her cancer is terminal.

Our thoughts and prayers go with Raven, her family and friends during this trying time.

Maxie Confesses To Killing Robin AND LISA NIELES?

It was a twist many fans did not see coming yesterday as Maxie Jones (Jen Lilley) confessed not only to killing fanfavorite Robin Scorpio-Drake, but also in a shocking storyline twist confessed to killing Lisa Niles as well!

While I cannot say I like that 'twist' in particular, I definitely LOVED the performance Lilley gave and was sucked right into the story as a whole! Now I am sure there are many more twist and turns to go before it's over, especially with Ron Carlavati writing things, but for now I am definitely going to tune in and find out what's gonna happen next.

Now on the debate side people are upset that Kristen Storms was unable to return in time to give these performances, and I completely understand that, BUT that does not take away anything from Lilley's stellar performance, she knocked it out of the park and did just as good, in my opinion, a job as Storms would have done with the material. The only difference is we, as fans, have had six years to bond with Storms and watch her develop into the loveable character that despite some awful writing we could still root for, but Lilley came in with questionable writing, under horrible circumstances and has been able to make the character into her own. The same fans wanting Storms back probably were complaining Storms first year and wanting Robyn Richards back in the role. All I can say is that I have accepted Lilley as Maxie Jones and I will enjoy her tenure however long it last, and I wish Storms the best of luck with whatever it is that has kept her away at this point.

19 March 2012

ABC Cancles The Revolution?

It looks like ABC is going to make a revolution to ABC's Daytime lineup, as I have heard from MULTIPLE sources that ABC is has quietly canceled the floundering mess that is The Revolution.

But what does this mean for General Hospital? This definitely helps GH's chances for renewal, but there are two other alternatives in play here.

1) ABC creates a new talker to fill the timeslot
or 2) ABC gives the timeslot back to the affiliates to do with what they please.

SO how can you help save GH? Call your local affiliate and express concern for GH future and say that you are a fan and would like to continue watching and supporting the series and their network for years to come. DO NOT yell or be disrespectful to these people. THEY are not the ones in charge of making the final decision, but they do have some influence over ABC so their opinions do matter and they form their opinions by what YOU the viewer tell them.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited to say good-bye to the revolting One life to live timeslot killer? OR were you actually enjoying the revolution? Let me know your take in the comments below.

15 March 2012

Richard Dean Anderson Returning To General Hospital?

Interesting news- I'm hearing from multiple sources that primetime star Richard Dean Anderson is in talks to return to his role as Jeff Webber on ABC's General Hospital for an upcoming story arc!

While no confirmation of this story has appeared, with Heather Webber returning, Liz and Steven being in town, and rumors heavily circulating of a big "Webber" storyline, I could see Jeff returning and if Anderson is up to it, could you imagine the possibilities?

What do you think of this piece of casting news? Do you think Anderson will return? Let me know in the comments below

10 March 2012

Emmerdale Cast And Crew Present For Danny Miller's Exit

The Emmerdale cast and crew created this video for Danny Miller (Aaron Livesy) leaving party, and it's kinda all shades of awesome.

Good-Bye Danny we will miss ya!

08 March 2012

Lee Donoghue Last Episode As Hunter McKay On Shortland Street Airs

It's a sad day down under as actor Lee Donoghue's final episode of Shortland Street as the loveable Hunter McKay has aired.

While we may not have liked all of Hunter's storylines, Lee made his mark on the series and will be missed.

What did you think of Hunter's exit? Did you enjoy it? Do you think the character has run it's course or do you wish he could have stayed around?

07 March 2012

Emmerdale's Danny Miller (Aaron) Films Final Scenes

It's official, actor Danny Miller who plays the lovable Aaron Livesy on Emmerdale has finished filming on the series late last night.

Tweeting: "Well with Aarons trackies n hoodies hung up.. I think I will raise a toast to him tonight for giving me 4 of THE BEST years of my life."

We here on the island would like to personally thank Danny for his portrayal of Aaron, because he has truly been a shining light on that series and provided a reason for myself and @SoapOperaBabble to continue watching, and the series will not be the same without him.

Hopefully he will come back one day, but we rest assured that Mr. Miller is off to bigger and better things! Good luck and don't forget the 'Dales because we won't forget you.

Danny Miller's final scenes as Aaron Livesy air early next month.