12 April 2012

WebSeries Review: GenericGirl Pilot

Hey guys! So I know we haven't really been active around the blog, mainly because a deadly combination of school and work has kept me BEYOND busy, and tonight really isn't an exception to that business but rather I just felt like blogging a bit and catching up on some web series work that I have kinda been neglecting, so get ready for a WebSeries marathon because that's where I am heading now starting with the JTS.TV series Generic Girl.

So first let's look at the premise: Generic Girl is an interesting take on the classic "Super Hero" genera by not going in the everyday Smallville arena but instead examining what it's like to simply be Generic, deal with real problems and have to fight with your crazy roommate Captain Freelance to get the bills paid!

The series plays with the old Batman series from the 60's with it's use of visual effects as well as the style of humor that it plays with.

Visually the series looks great! I am very impressed with how well things look in the pilot and some of the cinematography provided for some great scenes and undertones for various points. The best example I think comes from about midway through the pilot when Generic Girl answers the door and we see an angelic glow surrounding the evil messenger. I am not 100% positive that shot was intentional, but never the less it provided for a great style that kept me really interested throughout the entire pilot.

The acting was very good for the pilot. By that I mean I really enjoyed the acting and wasn't taken aback by someone's style, but due to only having a couple minutes with these characters and actors I can't really comment on how good or bad someone is as a whole, but I was generally impressed with what I saw.

Overall: I think Generic Girl is a solid little series, I was definitely intrigued by what I saw and I see a lot of potential for things to come as the series develops. From the end of the episode it appeared as if the series is going to have a serialized nature to it's storytelling which really excites me, but for now just looking at the pilot I was really impressed and definitely urge you all to head on over to JTS.TV and check the series out.

What did you think of Generic Girl? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @SoapWikiJohn

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