19 March 2012

ABC Cancles The Revolution?

It looks like ABC is going to make a revolution to ABC's Daytime lineup, as I have heard from MULTIPLE sources that ABC is has quietly canceled the floundering mess that is The Revolution.

But what does this mean for General Hospital? This definitely helps GH's chances for renewal, but there are two other alternatives in play here.

1) ABC creates a new talker to fill the timeslot
or 2) ABC gives the timeslot back to the affiliates to do with what they please.

SO how can you help save GH? Call your local affiliate and express concern for GH future and say that you are a fan and would like to continue watching and supporting the series and their network for years to come. DO NOT yell or be disrespectful to these people. THEY are not the ones in charge of making the final decision, but they do have some influence over ABC so their opinions do matter and they form their opinions by what YOU the viewer tell them.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited to say good-bye to the revolting One life to live timeslot killer? OR were you actually enjoying the revolution? Let me know your take in the comments below.


  1. is there a way to save The Revolution we love that show and we hated General Hospital

    1. Hi there!

      Unfortunately I don't think there is anyway to save the Revolution, the show which was meant to be less expensive than the soaps turned out to be just as if not more expensive, and there simply weren't the viewers there to salvage it. NOW what I do advise fans of Revolution to try and do is contact ABC and fight for a merger between the Chew and The Revolution! the two shows really could work together to make something strong, but as it stands right now I really think you're out of luck! So sorry for your loss! Thanks you for commenting!