03 September 2010

An Affair To Root For? Emmerdales Carl King and Eve!

Okay as many of you know I HATE the affair storyline, I think its petty, and stupid! Just BREAK UP with your significant other and then boink the person of your dreams! I mean seriously. And while I do completely still believe in this point, I have to admit that I am LOVING the Carl King/ Eve 'affair' storyline on Emmerdale.

I REALLY hope that Carl will break it off with Chas and then be with Eve full time, but unlike the whole Molly Dobs / Kevin Webster affair on Coronation Street I am actually enjoying these scenes for what they are worth and I am not completely disgusted by the storyline.

I DO hope that the 'affair' portion will not go on 'forever', but as long as Carl/Eve are the end game, I think I am ready to see where this ride will take viewers.

Are you enjoying Carl/Eve? Or are you a big C&C supporter and want your couple to be together 'Forever'? Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

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