10 January 2012

One Life To Live Finale - Monday 01/09/12

Ok, so this post was totally unplanned (see our SoapWikiJohn's post about out OLTL Finale Coverage), but after exchanging a few emails with SWJ about today's OLTL ep, I figured I'd post my thoughts here. I've barely watched the show this past year, so let me know if I make any mistakes or misspeak. *Be warned, Carlivati fanboys/girls, you might not like what I have to say.

As a soap fan, I love it when old faves come back. Seeing Megan, Luna and Gabrielle was a lot of fun and since I haven't been reading any spoilers, their returns were also a wonderful surprise. Jessica Tuck, Susan Batten and Fiona Hutchison are wonderful actresses and were incredibly popular with fans, so bringing them back was a real treat.

The same can't be said for Crystal Hunt's return as Stacy. EGADS, why Carlivati?? WHY?? The Morasco Fiasco was probably one of the most unpopular storylines of the last few years, why remind the audience of it? Some enjoyed her return (including our SWJ) but seriously..Let It Go Ron!! I know a lot of people blamed the Morasco Fiasco on Brian Frons, saying that he forced the character of Stacy on to Ron. I never bought that though. To me, Stacy seemed pure Carlivati - sleazy, OTT, campy... I always sensed he really enjoyed writing Stacy. And he sure as hell refuses to let her just f*cking die. Sure he killed her, but then gave her heart to Clint, gave us the Gigi/Stacy Switch? story and finally brought her back for the finale. Why?? Well, I think that unlike most of the fans, Ron actually really likes his little stripper skank. The Gigi/Stacy stuff was one of the things that drove me away from OLTL, so Stacy's return was not a high point for me.

I could have also done without the Ford crap. Do I care if this dude dies? No. Do I care that his gross, hammy dad is jumping around hell like a dumb*ss? No. As far as I'm concerned the Ford family was another disaster...

And what was the deal with Gabrielle molesting Bo and wanting him to stay dead? Wha???  Also, SWJ and I are still trying to figure out why Megan seemed so gung ho to have Viki stay dead. Or was she pretending? I don't get it. And why was Luna the one to appear to FakeCole? I mean, she was friendly with Marty back in the day... is that why?

Finally, was it me...or where some of the actors/actresses phoning it in? Or as SWJ put it, one actress (who shall remain nameless) was 'texting it in' lol. I'd say half the performances were great, and the other half... eh...

Grade: C

So what do you guys think? Did you love it? Do you think I'm crazy? Am I being too critical?

Check out SoapWikiJohn's daily live tweeting of the OLTL here: @SoapWikiJohn (he's much more positive than I am!)

Talk to you guys later!

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