12 January 2012

One Life to Live Finale - Thursday 01/12/12

Well I got about 1 minute into today's episode before I started welling up. I wondered if the Fraternity Row thing (even though it's a part of OLTL history) would come across as too gimmicky or just too meta, but you know what? It was perfect. It served as a nice Valentine to fans and soaps in general. How wonderful and brilliant to have Agnes Nixon talk about what makes the show (and all soaps) so special.
The Bo/Nora/David/Matthew stuff was hysterical. I was going to quote some of my favorite lines, but I'd end up writing out the whole thing! Starr's farewell scenes made me cry. Is it just me or did she suddenly look so grown up? And of course Todd would object!

A random list of things I loved: Clint/Rex hugging. Bo and Rex's good-bye. Natalie reaching out to Roxie as Rex was leaving. Todd/Blair (I am so glad Roger Howarth came back). I like that Matthew just does not want to be a dad and is fighting it all the way - that's realistic. I love that Megan was mentioned and Wow, almost exactly 20 years since Megan's death - I can't believe it (watch Megan's deathbed scene Here).

And of course, Viki's speech about soap operas had me blubbering like a baby!! It really summed up everything we fans feel about our shows.

I've been really critical of Ron Carlivati over the years. While I think he's talented and clearly loves the genre, I've had mixed feelings about his time on the show. That said, I think he (and everyone else in the OLTL family) did a fantastic job on today's ep. This was OLTL at its best - terrific actors saying great dialogue - lots of tears and lots of laughs. Now that's the Carlivati that I like!

One thing I would have loved though? Some clips/flashbacks. Especially of Todd/Starr/Blair. Man, that would have killed me! But I understand, there's limited time and money...

Grade: A

I think it's finally hit me that it's really over *sniff* *sniff*

So what did you guys think??


*and just a note - the big Fraternity Row twist at the end? That's a nod to a story Ron Carlivati had apparently planned to do but got nixed by Brian Frons. Roxie was going to have turned out to be Rex's FATHER and Allison would have been his mom. A friend told us about it awhile ago but we were sworn to secrecy. However, Nelson Branco tweeted about it today, so I guess it's ok to talk about now. Gotta say, that's one decision that Frons got right, imo.

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